"I had a website for my fine art, but then I wrote a few books and I was thinking about a website for my writing.  Jim talked to me about branding and asked what I wanted my brand to be.  I realized it was my name, DJ Geribo, and so he modified my fine art website to include my writing.  I love my author/artist website and I can do all of my blogging, which we separated into art and writing categories, on one website.  Since it is a Joomla website, I do all the updating, daily if I want, and since it is also an ecommerce site, I can sell my paintings and my books from one website."

"Jim Fontaine is the best at what he does and I understand why he calls himself an Internet Architect and not just a web designer.  He is so knowledgeable in everything to do with the internet.  He is always so professional and unlike other web designers he is extremely articulate and has a gift for explaining the programs you use in terms so that you can understand them, which tells me how well he knows his stuff.  He doesn't intentionally try to make them sound difficult, like some 'techies' I've known will do.  He isn't the cheapest out there but when it came to my website, I wasn't looking for the cheapest.  I was looking for the best." 

DJ Geribo
Author & Artist