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"As a Real Estate Professional, I needed a new digital camera to take images of properties. The choices were absolutely staggering. Positively Creative Solutions helped me to choose a camera that did what I needed and also provided me with some pointers on how to take better pictures for my website."

Nancy P. Nordberg, Realtor®

"Jim is a real pro.  He is not just a skilled programmer, but also someone who really understands our business.  Jim has played a key role in the successful design, deployment and maintenance of our customer database and e-commerce system, elements which are vital to our success."

Frank Gallinelli, CEO
RealData, Inc.

"Thanks for all you’ve done, the process has been pretty seamless and I appreciate your professional knowledge and ability to communicate all the details to me. I believe having a website, especially one so well done, is instrumental to the professionalism of my business. Thanks again for the quick response to setting up the website and the ease in working with you. I truly appreciate your flexibility, creative thoughts and professional delivery of a wonderful product."

Lisa M. Lee, SPHR

"Thank you so much for your hard work in getting an awesome and professional site up and running for me. I've had numerous clients compliment me on it."

Laura Penberthy, Owner

"Thank you for helping me to create my attractive website for my art business.  The look is just what I was envisioning and all the contents and details are placed just the way I wanted them.  You really have a good eye for picturing my expectations with everything we discussed on our first consultation as well as incorporating the minor details we included or excluded."

Cheryl Dahn, Artist