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Wolfeboro Friends of Music's New Website ShinesWolfeboro Friends of Music is pleased to announce the launch of their new website.  Wolfeboro Friends of Music (WFOM) has been bringing world-class musical entertainment to the Lakes Region of NH since 1936.  As a non-profit organization, maximizing their return on their investment in their new website was a given.  PCS Web Design was able to integrate the new CMS-enabled website with several of their existing service providers so that things that were working well for them would continue to do so.  WFOM is now able to easily update and maintain their own website content as well as bring in additional revenue through the expanded advertising and marketing opportunities the new website design provides.  In addition to the design, PCS Web Design is also providing hosting and marketing consulting guidance to help WFOM get the most from their new online presence at www.wfriendsofmusic.org

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